The Pagsberg BigBand is a full big band w. 5 Saxes incl. doubling instruments (flute and clarinet), 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, rhythm section (bass, guitar, drums, piano) and - as the only professional orchestra in Denmark - a permanently attached vocal group of four singers. Some projects also include strings and percussionists. The BigBand has a wide repertoire spanning from swing, latin and contemporary big band jazz and their own compositions. The Pagsberg BigBand characterized by professionalism, seriousness, musicially ambition and a high artistic level. The Pagsberg BigBand is an efficient and innovative organization in constant development. The Pagsberg BigBand provides a solid and finished product every time - whether it is touring, concerts, recordings or other projects.


The BigBand want to promote the combination of vocal group and big band. The orchestra wants to explore the boundaries of how a vocal group can be bearer of melody, but also how the vocal group can be included on an equal level with the other instruments and act supportive. The BigBand also want to promote the composition and arrangement business for vocal big band music, partly through workshops and competitions, partly through commissioned work. The orchestra also makes collaborations with dancers, poets, choreographers and other interesting artists.


Mads Pagsberg is leader og The Pagsberg BigBand artistically and managerially. Mads Pagsberg has a degree from 1998 from the University of Copenhagen, department of Musicology. He is teaching as a associate professor at the Department of Musicology at the University of Copenhagen (conducting, music leadership and arrangement). Beside this, he works as a musician (bassist), choral conductor, composer and arranger, and has among other things arranged music for DR Big Band, Chamber Orchestra and NRK's Orchestra. The BigBand has a manager assigned, responsible for marketing and PR in the orchestra, and perform administrative tasks connected with the concerts.

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